Lawn Care Services at Lake Anna

From mowing to turfcare, get a green, beautiful lawn that is both lake-friendly and healthy.

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Lawn Mowing Service

It is practically impossible for you to enjoy your yard when it’s brown, overgrown, or is full of weeds.  Are you tired of looking at your lawn and being embarrassed? Do you want a lawn that you can be proud of and invite friends over for fun events in your front or back yard?

Then, let Chiles Enterprises treat your lawn and it will be so lush, green, and beautiful that your neighbors will be jealous!

If you want to completely overhaul your lawn, then choose Chiles Enterprises to install a new lawn from sod to seed.  We also offer services that include amending the soil, producing final grades, and incorporating organics and micro-nutrients.  Be assured our team of professionals will help you maintain the investment of your green space!
Freshly mowed lawn in lake anna, virginia. Criss-cut patterns can be seen leading to freshly pruned trees and a sharpe edge cut next to the road.

Grass Healthy and Beauty

We are passionate about making your lawn look awesome. At Chiles Enterprises, our lawn-care team will get your lawn looking healthy and green in no time.

We offer sodding, seeding, mowing and general refurbishing services. Our expert lawn treatment specialists use cutting-edge precision application equipment in our Comprehensive Turfcare Program to apply the best products at the exact rates and at the exact times. This results in the absolute best looking lawns in any neighborhood!

Among the lawn-care services we provide are the following:

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freshly cut lawn with parallel stripes and a brown house in the background

Comprehensive Turfcare Program

At Chiles Enterprises, we offer season-long chemical lawn care programs. This 7 application process encompasses anything and everything a healthy lawn needs for vigor, safety, and sustainable performance. Our team has engineered an environmentally responsible approach that produces outstanding results, all while reducing pesticide and phosphorus inputs.

This proven program starts with a split application of pre-emergent for crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, spring fertilizer, organic enzymes, and micronutrients. Summertime brings on fungicides, so we offer a state-of-the-art insecticide, and spot treatments of crabgrass breakthrough and nutsedge.

The program concludes in the fall with aggressive, tractor-mounted core aeration, treated premium turf-type fescue seed, fertilizer, high-calcium lime, and winterizing levels of nitrogen.  After we have completed this program, your gorgeous, immaculate lawn will look like a stunning picture in a home-and-garden magazine.

Chiles Enterprises — A Reliable Resource for Lawn Care

When you choose Chiles Enterprises for your lawn-care needs, you have the peace of mind of knowing that our crews are vetted, screened, and background-checked.

We know there is nothing more frustrating than having to take time away from family or work while your lawn-care service company is late or doesn’t show up at all. When you call on the reliable lawn-care experts at Chiles Enterprises, you know they will arrive on time and not leave until the job is done!

We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of lawn care and customer service we provide. We invite you to let Chiles Enterprises transform your lawn — whether it be for your home or business — into the lawn of your dreams!

Seeding & Fertilization

At Chiles Enterprises we use the best, most eco-friendly seeds available. Our technicians are all certified and trained to understand the intricacies of turf care so we really know what we’re talking about.

Lawn fertilizer will provide the nutrition your lawn needs to become green and vibrant throughout the whole year. All plants require fertilization in order to be strong and healthy.

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