Chiles Ground Maintenance


It all starts with quality products….
We are a firm believer if you do a job, do it right. In every contract, you will find the statement “this bid is to do the job correctly: we did not cut any corners.” This includes customer service, labor practices, and using only the best materials.

Organic Compost with blue-tag certified
tall fescue seed and weed-free straw

Organic Compost

ur organic compost is produced and shipped over 100 miles to get to our job sites. Why you ask? Because there is no limit to providing the best quality products! Our compost has the ideal pH and the right nutrients to feed your lawn or landscape for years to come. Heat-active microbes break down and produce organic nutrients improving turf quality and landscape vigor without the use of synthetic fertilizers.

Blue Tag Certified Seed


very property has several aspects that make it unique. Soil types, usage, maintenance time, irrigation, and location are vital factors in determining what type of grass seed should be used. Use caution when inquiring with our competitors about seed. Most will use the “big box stores” which contains the same seed sold to the Atlantic seaboard region. Pennsylvania and South Carolina have different climates and environmental factors than Virginia, so why spend money buying a bag of seed that has a percentage of seed that only does well in other states? Let our turfgrass professionals formulate a seed blend unique to your property using seeds recommended by the Virginia and Maryland National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP).

Our Blue Tag guarantee means our seed has been inspected for health, is weed-free, and is mixed at a certified seed blending facility approved by the Virginia Crop Improvement Association! Our professionals have worked at the Virginia Tech Turfgrass Research Center observing the NTEP trials and attend the annual Virginia Tech Turfgrass Field Days to stay on the cutting edge of new technology in seed and best management practices.



Weed-free straw



ur straw is purchased exclusively from a local farmer growing the best quality weed-free straw. Your lawn will not be prone to noxious weeds, grassy weeds, or broad leaf weeds commonly imported in cheap straw.


Soil Testing



hen applying fertilizers or lime, it is environmentally responsible to first perform a soil test. Fertilization and lime should never be a guessing game. Our professionals will perform an accurate soil test with the soil testing labs at Virginia Tech and will provide an analysis and consultation for our customers and the “do-it-yourself” homeowners.




ur brown mulch is guaranteed double shredded hardwood bark mulch. No pallets or dyes. Bark is aged and shredded fresh for our jobs at a local sawmill. This mulch improves plant health and decays in time to become a soil amendment.


Our dyed mulch consists of black or red. We do not try to hide anything from our clients. This mulch is made from ground-up pallets and lumber; bark does not hold the dye which creates the color. This mulch is not as healthy for plants, but it does provide alternative color options for accenting.


Pine-straw mulch is ideal for acid loving trees, shrubbery, and certain fruits. This is a seasonal item. Please inquire for availability.

#57 driveway gravel,
gabion stone border


#57 stone is common driveway gravel. It is approximately the size of a quarter. Our company has commonly spread this gravel in driveways, under decks, and in newly constructed basements before concrete is poured. It is grey in color.

Crusher-run is #57 stone with rock dust added. This product is better for compaction. This is great for steeply sloped driveways or to fill potholes. This product is cheaper in price than #57 stone.
#3 stone is a larger version of #57 stone. It is approximately 3”-5”

River Rock is commonly used for landscaped areas, walk ways, and under decks. Sizes vary depending on intended usage from 1”-3”. It is yellow and brown in color.

Pea Gravel is river rock but in much smaller size. Approximately the size of a dime, it is commonly used in walkways.

Gabion Stone is a large version of #57 stone. It is grey in color and approximately the size of a football. Our company has placed this stone for borders, seawalls, edging, creeks, and to stop erosion on banksides.

We have several other types of stones and products for sale. Listed are the most common. If you would like to inquire about additional materials, please email or call (540) 894-6432.